DAVID J. GALLO is president and a principal at Georgica Green. He is responsible for finding and overseeing future development and acquisition opportunities, overseeing current developments, and the restructuring of existing property debt. Currently, Mr. Gallo holds an interest in over 600 units of affordable housing.

At Whitney Capital Company, where Mr. Gallo was a principal and vice president, he spearheaded the rehabilitation of Spinney Hill Homes in Great Neck, NY. The redevelopment was one of the largest and most complex affordable housing deals ever on Long Island, against all odds in the midst of the worst financial crisis in decades. This was no small feat in 2008, requiring:  the facilitation of the process to relocate the then-current residents; the coordination of team members from across many industries; the difficulty of bringing together all the necessary funding sources from across the county, state, and federal agencies. In addition to moving the property from annual revenue of $100,000 to over $1.4 million, Spinney Hill's residents have moved back into apartments that are truly homes. Mr. Gallo successfully collaborated with Nassau County to ensure the implementation of the Family Self Sufficiency program to help ensure that conditions never return to where they were at the end of 2008.

Mr. Gallo has been a speaker on affordable housing development and finance at New York State Association for Affordable Housing (“NYSAFAH”), Vision Long Island, the New York Chapter of The American Institute of Architects, as well as community groups, municipalities and private companies. Additionally, Mr. Gallo has received awards from such industry and governmental organizations as NYSAFAH (Upstate Project of the Year), Vision Long Island (Smart Growth Award), and the National Development Corporation (Creative Financing Award), as well as a citation from Nassau County for his work on the Spinney Hill Homes redevelopment.

Mr. Gallo completed his Master of Science with honors at New York University and received his Bachelor of Science with honors from Fordham University. In 2002, Mr. Gallo was awarded Fordham University's College of Business Administration's Alumni Association Award. In 2004, he was the recipient of the New York University's Real Estate Institutes Dean's Graduate Fellowship and Merit Fellowship, for academic excellence. In 2006, New York University's Real Estate Institute awarded Mr. Gallo the Future Alumni Scholarship. Mr. Gallo is a board member with the Italian Board of Guardians and the Hofstra Advisory Board.